Furnace/Boiler Maintenance
Every home should have an annual check-up on its furnace/boiler. Our Preventative Maintenance Service ensures that your equipment is functioning properly and at its peak efficiency for the heating season.

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump
Preventative Maintenance Services should not only be done for the heating season. Make sure that your A/C or heat pump is functioning properly and at its peak efficiency for the summer months.

Customized Installations
Our Installation Process begins with a survey of your home. We will inspect your current furnace, air conditioner/heat pump, and duct system. The proper sizing of your new system will be determined by wall insulation values, windows & doors, and , most importantly, your comfort concerns. By taking the proper steps, we can design a new comfort system for any budget!

Geothermal Systems
Geothermal Systems tap into the temperature of the earth below the frost line. This natural exchange of energy is one of the least expensive ways to heat and cool a home. Geothermal systems have 50%-70% more efficiency that conventional heating products and 20%-40% more efficiency than cooling products. Geothermal systems are known to require much less maintenance, to reduce the energy used, and to be more enviromentally clean. Geothermal systems can use either a closed loop or open loop. The closed loop circulates water or a water-antifreeze mix through a continuous, buried loop of sealed pipes. The open loop uses pipes to draw water from a lake, pond, or well. To find out more information, visit www.geoexchange.org.

Additionally, we do:

Commercial Rooftop Units
Commercial Refrigeration
Indoor Air Quality Products


Dehumidification Systems
Mobile Home Units
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